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Every Face Has A Story

Every Face Has A Story. . . This One Is About Stella

There she lay in the void, that space in between, not yearning to do, just wanting to be. Well, kind of, how can one truly "be" when they are lost in the adventures of their own mind. Stella remained here, in her stillness, exploring every facet of every thought that came into her attentive awareness. Some thoughts led to anger, some led to joy, and some created the illusion of bliss. Overtime, Stella became fascinated by how the mind had such an amazing ability to make one's body so fatigued even while laying in stagnation.

"I haven't even moved and I am completely exhausted!" she thought. "Oh another thought, here we go. . ."

Stella carried on in this way for quite some time. Following every rabbit hole her fleeting thoughts led her down. Eventually her curiosity grew and she began to observe the arising sensations within her body that accompanied each thought. She notices her heart race, her stomach turn, aches, and pains. She also witnessed tingles, heat, and at times an indescribable embrace of calm.

As Stella shifted from thinking her thoughts to exploring and observing them she began to experience a deep sense of peace. She started to detach from the thoughts as they came to visit her and understand their impermanent nature. Thoughts would come and go, and with them the sensations they carried.

Although from the outside it would appear Stella was not doing anything, this time of respite created a powerful shift from within. Stella was becoming conscious.

- Cassandra Aronow

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