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Opening The Heart

"I live RIGHT HERE, In my Heart." - Nischala Joy Devi


An open heart center connects us to the joy of life, the outflowing light of consciousness.


If we pause for a moment of personal reflection we can see that the moments we enjoy the most are when we have an open heart. We love, give, laugh, and receive with ease. On the other hand, the moments that we are closed off are the moments we suffer. We experience loneliness, anxiety, depression, emptiness, and anger when our hearts are closed.


If this is the case then why would we ever allow our hearts to close? The answer is FEAR. We close off our hearts in an effort to protect ourselves from getting hurt. It is only when we take a step back that we begin to realize our own efforts to reduce suffering are in fact the actions that cause it.


Opening up can be easier for some than it is for others. This all depends upon our content, our story, our conditioning. Having compassion for yourself and others while noticing a closed off heart is a beautiful way to begin opening.


Another way to practice opening the heart is through facing the FEAR head on. Through the conscious practice of vulnerability. Opening up to making mistakes, falling down, or surrendering to the unknown. Opening up to the beauty of life as well.


Stay closed off, or "safe" keeps us imprisoned within the confinements of what we deem safe. Opening up gives us the freedom to step into our power and enjoy all of life, including the unknown.


The more we practice vulnerability, the more our hearts open, and the freer we become.


In honor of practicing vulnerability I will share that I personally have been working through a closed off heart over the last few months. This has held me back from engaging in activities I love, such as leading workshops but I am ready to move forward. I am ready to step out and open back up.


Offering up this mantra: I live right here in my heart and it is a good place to be

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