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Virtue. Love. Gratitude.

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Virtue can be described as the ability or the power to recognize God (the light, the love, the good) in everything; to do so joyfully with perseverance in spite of obstacles.

Virtue is something we all practice in one way or another through various aspects of our lives.

Happy Monday!

I pray that your week is filled with presence, virtue, and peace.

Note on the word LOVE: I read recently that love is to recognize oneself in another. To view the another’s true essence beneath all the layers of content. Upon this recognition the light within both the observer and the observed illuminates even brighter creating an even brighter glow of each other’s true essence.

The phrase “Thank you “ is offered as a symbol of gratitude to the collective. The words “I love you” serve as a recognition of the light we reflect within each other. I offer these words with sincerity.

Thank you, I love you!

Cassandra Aronow

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