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My name is Cassandra Aronow. I am blessed to fulfill the function of mother to a sweet little one named, Indigo Sun. Motherhood has been a strong catalyst for growth and has ignited immense change in my ways of being. Becoming a mother has awakened me to the power, beauty, love, and light that lies within the present moment.


The truth is always right here, in the now. I am growing to understand that there is nothing more important than being in the present moment. When we deny the present moment, we deny ourselves access to the light, the love, the God that dwells within everyone and everything.


I am currently on a journey to release identification with Ego and "BE" more present. I created this space to share some of the tools I use to bring myself into a state of presence. My intention in sharing these tools is to cultivate a conscious community in which we recognize the light, not only within, ourselves but each other. 

Please join me on my journey to higher consciousness.

200 Hour RYT

Reiki Master Certified

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Our Story

Welcome to Symbols From The Sun. Thank you for being here.

I am here, keeping this space open to allow for the creative freedom which cannot be held inside the container of a label. This is a sacred place to share Symbols From The Sun.

Most mornings, during sunrise, I have the opportunity to meditate and often times I find myself staring directly into the sun. On these occasions, while gazing into the sun, I witness the presence of varying colors and symbols outsourced from a central portal of white light. Meditation is typically followed by a journal session in which I write a page or two. After journaling I will often practice moving meditation through the medium of yoga. This is my morning routine, my sacred space, my beautiful rising with the light of the sun.

Over the years I have collected poems and written reflections created after a sunrise meditation. Symbols From The Sun is a space to share these collective reflections and poetry. Yoga schedules, workshops, events, and energy work sessions will be offered through this community as well. Symbols From The Sun is an open community with possibility for growth in the future. For now, we begin right here.

Thank you, I love you.

Cassandra Aronow


Let's connect.

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