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Balance: Darkness with Light

As we enter into the depths of autumn, we are reminded of one of the beautiful teachings fall season brings: the opportunity to find balance between dark and light.

In the Vedic scriptures from ancient India there are teachings of the three Gunas: Tamas, Rajas, and Sattva. Tamas represents darkness, stillness, inertia. Tamas can be a space of rest but also include times that we are in resistance with life. Times that we feel out of alignment, when we are not in "flow". Rajas represents our light, solar energy, our passion, our drive, our will to DO! When we are in state of rajas we may feel more upbeat, positive, and proactive. Sattva is the balance between the two: Darkness and Light. Although we may be drawn to Rajas more we must remember that Tamas is a necessary part of our human experience. Sattva teaches that acceptance of our darkness while still embracing the light brings us into the flow and balance of life.

In our western culture I have found there is a dominant preference towards the lighter aspects of our being. We are encouraged to "do", to create, to work, to push, to be happy. This cultural preference towards the light leads most of us to mask our darker emotions and experiences making it difficult to find supportive, authentic connections in the world.

The idea of embracing dark spots is not encouraging us to wallow in negativity, inertia, or lethargy but rather to allow ourselves space and time to process darkness as it comes up. Instead of shame, we find acceptance of the darker energy we may be carrying. The intention being, not to identify with the dark or the light aspects of our being but to find the balance of pure surrender when we consciously understand the impermanence of both of these states. This knowing brings the light of consciousness to the moments we experience challenge, sadness, resentment, or fear. This light reminds us that those darker energies are simply passing through in the same ways our lighter experiences flee. All things are impermanent as they are meant to be, We are not intended to be attached to any particular state. When we embrace this notion we are able to fully surrender, fall in unconditional love with our selves, our lives, and all of the experiences that come with it,

We were created to flow. Ever expanding, ever contracting, witnessing, observing, we are here to be. Denying ourselves the opportunity to embrace both the dark and the light would be a detriment to the soul. Find balance through radical acceptance and surrender of whatever comes your way. Knowing that all is simply passing through.



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