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A Poem From Indigotopia


The Sun

It’s not true what they say. If you look into the sun you won’t go blind. I looked into the sun and was quite surprised. The sun is an incredible portal of white light. The sun is surrounded by colors, it’s quite nice. When I looked to the sun I saw the eye of the earth. It was surrounded by indigo, violet, and magenta. When I looked at the sun I saw a desert rose, it’s stem was long and extended into the earth. Then I looked further and there was no stem. When I looked to the sun I saw a heart. It was magenta and had many layers. As I continued to observe I saw the portal. A vortex of white light and magenta. The tunnel spiraled infinitely and at the end was nothing but clean, pure, space. Divine white light. I watched the sun as it rose and felt its luminous glow. The sun has a feminine and delicate embrace. The sun is not harsh like they say. She is rather gentle. The sun is not fiery red, orange, and yellow. The sun is only white. The sun gives infinitely expecting nothing in return and yet she is constantly taken for granted. When I looked to the sun, I saw my dragon fly. It’s wings expanded long and it rose up high. If I hadn’t looked into the sun I would not have seen her this time. Please don’t believe them when they say “looking into the sun will make you go blind”.

Cassandra Aronow

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