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Just For Today. . .

Just for today don't try, don't push. . . just be.

A state of flow does not come from the clashing of our gentle being; it simply falls into place with patience.

Allow yourself to be held by the unconditional love the universe has to offer. Sit with the understanding that all is as it should be. Allow occurrences to unfold naturally within their own divine time.

Trust that action need not be taken, action will simply be.

Fall into a state of flowing guided by the delight of whatever feels right, whatever feels good, whatever your soul is calling you to.

Resist the temptation to judge whether or not this is something you should do and simply fall into it (whatever fills your soul).

Today is an opportunity is an opportunity to lay down the foundation for the true you. A you without limitations, a you without judgement, a you who can simply be.

Today we lay the gentle grounding to build upon trusting that all will occur within it's own divine timing and knowing there is nothing truly waning to occur.

All that is, exists now, in the present moment. All that we long for is currently surrounding our own state of being. All that we need lies permanently within us. Long term goals, accomplishments, material formations do not concern the purpose of your soul. Remember that!

The heart feels fulfilled when it can simply just be.

For today, allow yourself to be.

With love and gratitude,

Cassandra Aronow

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