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Anchoring Into Intention

Intention is an anchor we cast to inspire right action. Intention possesses the magic to turn "ordinary" tasks into sacred rituals all with the power of our love, devotion, and appreciation for the present moment. Intention is the spice of life, the twinkle in our eyes, the smile that radiates from within. To do anything with integrity is to do so with intention. To hold each and every moment as sacred along with everything and everyone in it.

During times of challenge we may forget our intention and become lost in mere survival. This fight or flight state draws our attention down to sustaining our lower energy centers: security, shelter, belonging, sense of self. While out of balance we may find ourselves led astray by the ways of our Ego rather than our Divine nature. In these spaces we are fooled into believing that we must DO so that we can BE, that the outcome is more important than the act, that the tangible is more real than the unseen. Everything is treated as a means to an end, life becomes polarized into Good and Bad, along with it so do we. We judge our imperfections and begin to judge the world. We live in constant resistance, desperately grasping at things outside of ourselves to help us feel better. Within this aimless search for peace we forget our divine nature and the divine nature of all things. We become lost.

If we can pause during these times of challenge and anchor into our intention, we instantly make our way back home. We can allow ourselves to come back to the present moment, to lace sacred intention into everything that we do and everything interaction that we make. When we feel loving gratitude for everything and everyone within this human experience we root down into our divine nature and connect with our truth, connect with our integrity.

There is nothing outside of us that can help us arrive at our truth. We find our truth within when we make the choice to hold each moment, each being, and all of our actions as Sacred.

With Love and Gratitude,


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