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Stay Wavy!

“At this moment, this is what you feel. There is nothing you can do about the fact that at this moment this is what you feel. Now, instead of wanting this moment to be different from the way it is, which adds more pain to the pain that is already there, is it possible for you to completely accept that this is what you feel right now?”

  • Eckhart Tolle

Energy moves in waves. It ebbs and it flows. Life is energy and energy is life therefore our life moves in waves as well. We, as beings, Ebb and we Flow. There have been, there will be, and there are times when we Ebb much more than we flow. There are times when being alive really doesn’t feel good. This is ok. In fact this is PERFECT. This is exactly as it is supposed to be. We can begin to lean into the discomfort and accept it as a gift. When we shift our perspective to viewing our challenges as blessings it creates space for expansion and we begin to flow. When we surrender to the natural flow of the universal energy system we move from drowning in the waves to floating with them. Allow yourself to feel. We are here to experience contrast. The good, the bad, the ups, the downs, and everything in between. This is what makes life worth living. This is what makes our time here beautiful.

Float On friends!

Happy Friday!


Cassandra ☀️

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