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Journal Entry: 12/28/2022

We can learn a lot from the experiences that trigger us. These experiences invite us to look deeper within and explore where we can release, surrender more.

I am becoming more and more aware that I am deeply identified with words. Words mean so much to me whether they are being expressed through me or someone else. I have a tendency to latch onto and attach to words. I will assume meaning and create stories around the form of words.

I love to write, I always have. Writing has been one of my favorite forms of self expression since I was a little girl. Symbols From The Sun has become an outlet an outlet and a sacred space for me to write whether it is through a blog post, drafting an event, creating a handout, or captioning a post. I love all of it.

I am growing into the awareness that this is a deep attachment and it is time to let go. When I am being present, practicing virtue, and fully surrendering I know whatever creative expression that flow out of me are not actually mine. They are all parts of the universal consciousness, the collective, eternal and infinite One Love. If I am true and authentic to my intention, I can let go, I can surrender.

Words are form. Form is intended to be experienced, sometimes enjoyed, but not identified with or attached to. Attachment and identification creates unconsciousness which ultimately leads to suffering.

I am grateful for the mirrors and reflections that lead to awareness.

Thank you for guiding me. Thank you for being my teacher!








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