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Morning Mantra

“Doing is never enough if you neglect Being” - Eckhart Tolle

We are here primarily to BE not to DO. The current structure of our society encourages and conditions us to believe that DOING should proceed BEING. This is an unconscious pattern that can only bring about temporary happiness, success, or peace. Unconsciousness, Form, Ego is always unstable and ultimately leads to some type of suffering.

We benefit much more when we first take time to BE rather than prioritizing what we DO. Presence always precedes the flow of any natural, authentic, awakened DOING. Presence leads to alignment. If we want our energy to FLOW we must BE in alignment.

Come join us for our first Rise & Flow morning routine workshop on December 17th. Enjoy meditation, yoga, journaling, breakfast, and community with @symbolsfromthesun. Tickets must be purchased in advance to ensure there is enough Breakfast Burritos.

Have a beautiful day!

Cassandra ☀️

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